Philadelphia-based Pretzel Company Expands

By: David J Pollio, Cranberry Eagle

Philadelphia is known for cheesesteak sandwiches, rowdy sports fans and certain attitudes toward its Pennsylvania neighbor, Pittsburgh.

However, a Philadelphia-based pretzel company with more than 100 locations in the northeastern region of the country is expanding in the Pittsburgh area.

The locally-owned Philly Pretzel Factory franchise in Cranberry Township, which opened in 2008, is opening a new store in Beaver County.
Ken Hannigan, who is part owner, said he is thrilled about the new location and to be a part of a growing company that offers healthier options for snacks.

“We love the idea of a fat free snack,” Hannigan said. Hannigan, who grew up in the South Jersey area, said Pittsburgh fans should not be thwarted by the name, because the company offered “Philly-style pretzels,” which are dry on the outside and warm and soft on the inside.

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